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Bontadi, producing artisan coffee since 1790

Love, dedication, curiosity: the production of artisan coffee is all of this. Plus, something more. Because producing coffee means choosing the best raw material, processing it skilfully to not ruin its character, and enhancing every aroma so the finished product is a concert of fragrances and flavours.

We have been doing it since 1790. In the beginning, Carlo Bontadi was a coffee merchant. Almost a century later, his great grandson began toasting it with the first machines, which are now on display in our museum. Since then, history has moved forward with technical progress in producing coffee, but we have preserved the historical flavour of Bontadi artisan coffee

Bontadi could be translated as “goodness of”. But goodness of what? Goodness of coffee, naturally.

Coffee for bar or coffee for moka?

Coffee is not coffee for bars or for moka pots. Coffee is, above all, coffee. A cherished plant, it only grows at certain latitudes and altitudes, in a limited area of the world. Prized since its beginnings, this plant provides us with beans that, once skilfully roasted and then ground, release an unmistakably and unique aroma in water at just the right temperature: the aroma of coffee.
This highly regarded alchemy is created through experience and technique that we have been refining at Bontadi since 1790, so we can always offer our customers the best.

Arabica and Robusta coffee

We say coffee, but there is a lot more to it. In fact, Arabica and Robusta are two species of the same plant – coffee – with extremely diverse origins, quality, and flavour. 44 chromosomes in one and 22 in the other provide different flavours, tastes, and qualities.
Each coffee blend is a secret recipe that combines these two plants, providing the palate with different experiences.
At Bontadi we offer you our blends.