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Shipping and payment of online coffee sales

Online coffee sales is a service we offer our customers to facilitate purchasing directly from home or your bar. Shipping is entrusted to AWS express courier to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your purchases.
Delivery is usually in 24/48 hours starting from the day after the order is made.

You will be requested to provide the data needed for shipping. Your data will be managed in full compliance with the privacy law.

You can ship your purchases to an address other than your home. This operation may be particularly useful for receiving shipments in the office or for private or company gifts.

There are three possible forms of payment, which can be chosen at the time the order is completed:

- payment upon delivery of the package with a cheque made out to Torrefazione Caffè Bontadi s.r.l. (COD method), with a surcharge of €3.00

- payment online with credit card, at the time the order is made, managed by Casse Rurali Trentine

- payment by bank transfer (the order will be fulfilled once a receipt for the transfer issued by your bank, is received by fax at (0464.401367), to: Torrefazione Caffè Bontadi s.r.l. CASSA RURALE DI ROVERETO SEDE IT53 F 08210 20800 000000101010 BIC CCRTIT2T57A