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The art of coffee on display in Rovereto: permanent Bontadi collection

In Rovereto there is a permanent exhibit dedicated to coffee, its history, and the art of its production. At CoBo , the Bontadi Collection Coffee Museum.

A small taste of the Bontadi Museum

What will you see on display in Rovereto? Obviously, we invite you to come taste every detail, and at the end enjoy a good cup of coffee. But to stimulate your curiosity a bit, we will tell you that you will begin your path from the first espresso coffee machine for bars.

Created in 1901, the first machine of its type is a column machine that operates with a steam system. The coffee it produces still has a burnt aftertaste, but the seed was sown. From that moment on, all large Italian companies at the time began to experiment with the production of coffee machines for bars: Pavoni in Milan, San Marco in Udine, Torino Express, and Victoria Arduino, to name just a few.

In addition to the technical improvements that each company tried to bring, these first machines tell us an important piece of coffee history: it’s indissoluble ties with Italian design of the 1900s.

Located on the counter, bar espresso machines sought to be beautiful as well as functional since their beginning. They were what caught the customer’s eye as soon as they entered the café or restaurant.

The path winds through Italian style of the 1900s, passing through themed excursus on roasting devices or “travel” machines intended for ships and trains, which are also in the exhibit in Rovereto.

This is only a small morsel, for a complete tasting, come visit CoBo. To book a guided tour, please fill out the form below.
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