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The Academy of Coffee: learn how to make it, learn how to taste it

We have an art and we have been handing it down, from one generation to the next, since 1790. Sharing it with you is the goal of our Academy of Coffee.

It is a place to learn more about this ancient beverage, to taste it, appreciate its characteristics, and, naturally, to prepare it with skill. The Academy of Coffee in Rovereto offers more than simple coffee-making courses. In groups, or individually upon request, we will cover all major themes regarding the secrets of a good coffee.

Courses for professionals and connoisseurs, a unique quality: Bontadi

Our Academy of Coffee offers coffee-making courses intended for those who have a business or wish to start one. In the second case, we also offer a consulting service to support new entrepreneurs who are starting a business that calls for a coffee bar. Different courses for professionals are offered, ranging from the classic ones, dedicated to espresso, to decorating coffee with milk and foam. Each year our academic calendar is enriched to offer the most suitable responses for your needs.

Courses for coffee enthusiasts

Some people have a true passion for coffee. How can we blame them? We share this passion and also have experience to share. For this reason, besides courses dedicated to professionals, we also offer coffee appreciation lessons and instruction on the use of the most widespread device found in homes to prepare it: the moka pot.